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Cheesey:CHAPTER TWO~~!!!!
Prussia: :iconsulkplz:
Cheesey: What’s wrong with you?
Prussia: I wasn’t even in the last chapter!
Cheesey: *sigh* This one is at a world meeting your in this one.
Prussia: *sniff* really?
Cheesey: YUP^^
Prussia: cheesey owns nuthin cept the plot!
Cheesey: (~~^-^)~~
Age:5 years old
A little while after America found you, you actually acted like he was your dad.
“DAD!!!” you yelled in his ear trying to wake him up. “WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR THE WORLD MEETING!”
“Wha? Oh! (N/N)! what time is is it?” He asked sleepily.
“Almost time to go!” you yelled as you jumped on top of him.
“Oof! Ok! Ok! I’m up! I’m up!” he laughed as you climbed off him. “What would i do without you?” he asked ruffling your hair.
“Be late for your meetings?” you stated. he just laughed.
“Ok, ok, I’m getting ready. Now get out!”  he said laughing pushing you out of his room. “You should do so too.”
"huff fine."
~~~time skip to world meeting~~~
"can i go home yet??" You whined at your adoptive father.
"(Y/N) we just got here!!" He said mocking your whine.
"Yaaaaa but still~" you said looking at him with your best puppy face. He just laughed.
"We can go home when the meetings over."
"grrrr fine," you said pouting.
"KYAAAA~~!!!! SHES-A SO ADORABLE!!" You heard a man, with a strange curl and an italian accent, yell. "WHAT'S-A HER NAME?"
"hahaha it's (Y/N), italy!" America replied.
"Ciao! My-a name's-a Veneciano!"
"h-hi," you said quietly holding onto America's pant leg.
"hahaha i think (N/N) is just nervous. This is her first world meeting," America came to your defence while picking you up.
"Oh~! Ok!~" he said and skipped away.
"that was weird..." you murmured to America who just laughed.
"Ya. Italy can be like that sometimes." He said to you smiling. "Come on lets get to the meeting before your uncle iggy gets mad at us."
"hey dad?" You said looking at America.
"ya sweety?"
"If this is a world meeting...where's uncle canadia?" You asked and turned around in your father's arms when you felt someone tap your shoulder.
"I'm right here (Y/N)."
"UNCLE CANADIA!!!!" you yelled, glomping america's twin.
"haha hello (Y/N)" he said blushing. "Come on, lets get to the meeting."
~~~Time skip to after meeting~~~
"Can we go home now???" you whined at America after the meeting was over.
"Hahaha ya give me a sec i need to talk to some people ok?" He said kneeling down to be eye level with you.
"huff fine." You said sulking.
"Just give me a sec, after I'm done I promise we'll go straight home."
"Thanks sweetie," he said kissing the top of your head as he stood up.
"ya ya." You said as he walked back into the conference room.
after a while you eventually sat down to wait for them to finish what they were doing. You were beginning to fall asleep when a strange laugh filled the hall.
"kesesesese. Vat is zis? A new country? Oh ja your america's kid aren’t you?" A man, with snow white hair and bright red eyes, said sitting down next to you.
"ya and who are you?" You said looking at him.
"Vy! I'm ze awshome Prussia!" He said laughing that weird laugh again. Listening to his laugh made you giggle even though you were extremely tired. Hearing this he looked at you confused. "Vat is so funny?"
"Your laugh." You said leaning against his arm. "Its funny!" You giggled when he laughed at your answer.
"psh. My laugh ish aweshome, just like me!" He said pointing at himself and laughing.
you smiled and shifted so your back was pressed against his arm. "Your weird." You said closing your eyes. If they'd been open you would've seen the eye roll he gave you. "I like you." You finished before yawning and falling asleep on his shoulder.
~~Prussia's P.O.V.~~
i smiled down at her sleeping form for a sec before pulling her into my lap so i could gently rock her like i did when west was her age. 'Shes so cute when shes asleep' i thought looking at the little chibi girl i was holding. I continued to rock her when i felt the same urge to fall asleep also. I shifted her so I would be able to fall asleep and not drop her and closed my eyes. 'Vat ze hell iz taking vest so long!?' I thought angrily. As i felt myself falling asleep. Soon after that i did.
~~America's P.O.V.~~
'geeze i hope (Y/N) is ok...' i thought only half listening to what germany was saying.
"Oi! America! Are jou even listening?!" Germany yelled at me.
"Wa? Oh ya I am." I said back. "Do you know when this is gonna end 'cuz it's way past (Y/N)'s bed time." I said looking at my watch.
"ja in a few minutes," he said to me before ranting again.
'I'm sorry (Y/N)...' i though at the door. 'Just a few minutes and Daddy'll be right out.'
~~~time skip~~~
~~Normal P.O.V.~~
The first people who came out of the conference were prussia's two best friends, france and spain, who were also the other two thirds of the Bad Touch Trio.
" 'onestly i don't understand why 'e-" france stopped talking mid sentence when he saw you and Prussia sound asleep next to the door in the hallway. "Oi! Germany! America! Come look at this!" He said quietly sticking his head back in the room.
"Vat do jou vant france?" Germany said walking to the door and looking out side and sighed when he saw his older brother sleeping while holding a sleeping (Y/N). "America, jou'll probably vant to look at ziz."
"Ne? What is it-...DAWWW!!! (Y/N) LOOKS AD-" america started to yell but was smacked on the back of the head by germany.
"Shut up you dummkopf! You'll vake zem boz up!" Germany hissed.
"haha sorry," america said rubbing the back of his head.
"Ne? Daddy?" You said rubbing your still sleep filled eyes.
"Huh? Oh. Hey vest," prussia said waking up also. Looking up he saw america there too. "OH! Sorry America! (Y/N) was sitting here by herself and then she fell asleep sorry!" He said picking you up and handing you to America.
"Nah bro. She looked happy. Makes sense that she fell asleep is way past her bedtime," he said taking you from the albino and cuddling you close to his chest as you started to fall asleep again.
"Well duh! Who vouldn't be instantly happier in my aweshome presence!" He said smirking.
"ya well I gotta get (Y/N) home so she can sleep in her see you next meeting!" He waved as he walked away.
"I'm sorry I fell asleep Daddy," you said groggily looking up at him. He just smiled at you.
"It's ok (Y/N). I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm the one who took so long," he said rocking you slightly. "Now go to sleep. When you wake up we'll be home k?"
"kay*yawn*Daddy" you said while falling asleep again. "I love you Daddy."
He chuckled for a sec. "Love you too sweety."
yayayayayay!!!! chaptertwo is up!!!!!!
i didnt wannapost this cuz i dont like sharing my prussian man :3
but here you go :D
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