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November 17, 2012
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Cheesey: CHAPTER SIX~~~!!!
America: Cheesey is finally let us back in the intro!!
Cheesey: Don’t make me regret it >.<
Prussia: now it’s just three times as awesome wiz ze aweshome me in it >: )
Cheesey: just do the disclaimer >.<
America & Prussia: Cheesey owns nothing ‘cept the plot.
You made your way to BTT’s house to find Toni open the door before you had even knocked.
“Hola~! (Y/N)~!” Spain said glomping you.
“Hi Toni,” you said pushing him off of you again.
“Ah~, Bonjour (Y/N)~” France said when he greeted you. He tried to hug you but you were pulled into another one from Prussia.
“Don’t even think about it france!” he said glaring at his friend.
“Whatever do you mean~?” France said holding the back of his hand to his forehead, being over dramatic...again. “Do not think I would stoop so low as to grope her did you~?”
“I didn’t say anything about groping...” Prussia looked at France with a Thanks-you-just-proved-my-point face.
“Ah~ Mon ami~ you were thinking about it no~?” France fired back smirking as a large blush crawled across Prussia’s face. he turned away hoping you hadn’t noticed it.
“N-no I vasn’t jou dummkopf!” he said glaring at a laughing France.
“Wow you really like to live up to your title as the ‘pervert of the nations’ don’t you?” you said to France who just smirked.
“Would you like to find out?” he said getting close to your face with his. he smirked at you before Prussia stomped on his head.
“Dummkopf,” he muttered before dragging you inside.
“Anyway...” you said sighing. “Toni called me to help put up party decorations for a christmas party.”
“Oh! Si~! I did! I’ll go get them~! You two can stay up here and catch up~! Si~?” Spain said opening the door to their basement and heading down, not bothering to wait for an answer.
“Sure Toni!” you said smiling. “So, Gil... how have you been lately?” You said trying to break the awkward silence that was forming between you two.
“Oh nothing really, just being aweshome!” he said pointing to himself.
“Haha! that’s cool!” you said laughing. he mumbled something all you caught was ‘-ke jou.’ “Did you say something?” you asked looking at him.
“Huh? oh. no.” He looked away.
“I have the decorations~!” Toni yelled as he got back to you two carrying a huge box of Christmas decorations.
“Well,” you said standing up, “Lets get started~!”
~~~Time skip~~~
By the time you guys were done you were exhausted and decided to turn down their offer of a movie night and headed home. On your way home, however,  you started to think about what you and Gilbert had been talking about.
‘what did he say?’ you thought as you drove home. ‘all I heard was ‘-ik jou’ what does that even mean?’ your thoughts soon traveled back to the note you found earlier.
‘I think that you are cool,
I think that you are kind.
Don’t think of me bad,
for this suckish rhyme.’
you kept repeating the poem over and over again in your head ‘till something clicked in your head.
‘I think that you are cool....! Oh my god he said ‘Like you’! why am i such an idiot sometimes!’ you yelled at your self before pulling up to your house and letting your self inside. ‘If Gill wrote it...’ you blushed thinking about it. ‘ Never mind I’m probably just being silly.’ you then went up to your room and got ready to go sleep. ‘I’ll think about it in the morning...’
~~Prussia’s P.O.V~~
After (Y/N) left Antonio and Francis both went down and had a movie night while I went to my room. ‘(Y/N) almost found out I wrote that note. Gott I can be an idiot sometimes. Well, might as well write the next one.’ I got out my paper and pen and was about to start to writing when two distinctive laughs and a door closing broke me of my concentration.
“Writing another poem for (Y/N)?” France snickered in my ear as he looked at what i was writing. “Dear (Y/N), You have beautiful (E/C) eyes that shine like ze stars,” he said laughing at me.
“HEY! ZAT'S NOT FOR YOU!” I said covering the paper with my arms. All that did was make him laugh more. I sighed and put the stuff away. “I’m going to sleep,” I said. “Night dummkopfs.”
“Buenos noches mi amigo~!”
Ok, so I'm going to put this up here now do you guys want this to have a lemon in it? I'm going to put this up as a vote so leave your vote in the comments plz! also the next chapter will be about the christmas party :> just cuz i'm in a christmas-y mood lately :3
Thanks for all of the favs on the other chapters and all of the watches :3 they are much appreciated! kay~! don't forget to vote! bye~!
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