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Cheesey: CHAPTER SEVEN~~~!!!
America: I was barely in the last chapter >.<
Cheesey: Yes but this one is a party~!!!!
Prussia: und i’m  in it so it has to be aweshome!
Cheesey: *sigh* do the disclaimer already
America & Prussia: Cheesey owns nothing ‘cept the plot.
It had been a few days since the party was set up and you had received an invite and many calls asking if you were going.
“(Y/N)!” you had to hold the phone away from your ear as you listened to your father scream excitedly on the other end.
“H-hi dad!” you said quickly and took the phone away from your ear again.
“Yes dad, I am. And judging by your excited tone, you are too?”
“That’s fun.”
“KAY WELL I’VE GOT TO GO NOW BYE!” You waited till he hung up to sigh and flop down on the couch, your phone landing a few inches from your hand.
“That was...interesting...” you muttered to yourself as you started watching T.V. started, that is, ‘till your phone went off. You grabbed your phone and answered. “Hello?”
“Kesesese~ Hello (Y/N)~!” the prussian on the other side of the line said.
“Hi Gilbert,” you said sighing.
“Huh? Vats vrong?” he said concerned.
“Well, my ear hurts from listening to my father yell through the phone, I’m sposed to go to your christmas eve party today and I have no idea what to wear, not to mention the fact that my phone keeps going off from people calling me about the party,” you said listing off all the things you could think of. You were kind of surprised that he took the time to listen to your problems.
“Vell, zat doesn’t sound very aweshome...”he said. you could tell that he was trying to think of something. “Do jou van’t to hang out ‘till it’s time to go to mein aweshome christmas party?” he asked.
“Ya sure sounds fun!” you said thinking about the last time you two had hung out together. Lets just say...France still hasn’t let you two back into the kitchen at their house yet...
“Kay. Ze aweshome me shall make jour life more aweshome!” he said and then hung up.
“Well then...” you said and headed to get changed out of your sweatpants and into some jeans.
~~~Time skip~~~
You were sitting on your couch dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans when a knock sounded from the door.
“Hey Gil,” you said when you saw your favorite albino leaned against your door frame.
“‘Sup? So you going to invite me in or are you going to make me be unaweshome and make me force my way in?” he asked, looking down at you.
“I think we both know that you wouldn’t stoop that low,” you said smirking up at him.
You sighed dramatically. “If you must,” You feigned a look of disgust as he laughed and walked in.
"So, ze aweshome me, being aweshome, decided to help you vis jour unaweshome problems~!" He said turning around to face you.
"Ok..." you said a little worried about what he had planned.
"vell, i can't really help viz ze whole ear hurting and ze phone ringing but i can help viz  jour clothing!" He said dragging you up to your room. "Now ze party iz a christmas eve party so jou need to look nice but its also von of my parties so jou need to dress appropriately," at this point he had already started going through your closet. While he was doing that he asked you a question that you weren't expecting.
"So, I noticed zat zere vere roses in jour kitchen vindow," he stated, still looking through your dresses. "Any idea who zere from?" He asked.
You had to think for a sec. You wanted to tell him that you thought it was him but you didn't want to make a fool of yourself. So you said; "no, not really."
"zere's quite a few of zem huh," it was true. The person who was dropping off the notes had given you a rose and a note every day since the first one you had received.
"Ya i guess there is..." you trailed off secretly hoping that it was Prussia who sent them to you.
"Zis von!" Prussia exclaimed, holding up one of your favorite dresses. It was a green dress with quarter length sleeves and the bottom of the dress ended mid thigh.
"Are you sure?" You asked, afraid of what france would do.
"Jes and if jour worried about france touching jou, just stick vis me at ze party und jou'll be fine." He smiled at you and you just blushed.
"Kay. I'll keep that in mind."
"Vell i need to go und make sure all of ze party stuff ish ready. Bye."
"bye Gill, thanks." You said and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed but waved at you as he left.
~~Prussia's P.O.V.~~
i made it out to my car and was on my way home when i finally started reacting.
'Wow...She kissed me on ze cheek...' I thought dazed. 'Maybe she does feel ze same vay about me.'
"I'm home!" I yelled into the house when i got there.
"welcome back mi amigo~!" Toni said looking at me from the couch. "Are you ok? Your face is bright red!" He said munching on a tomato.
"J-ja I'm fine," i said and went up stairs. 'Now, vat can i vear for ze party to impress (Y/N)?" I thought as i began rifling through my clothing.
~~~Time skip to party time~~~
~~Normal P.O.V.~~
You were wearing the dress that prussia had picked out with a pair of white sandal heels and were headed out to his place. You headed over and knocked on the door. What answered you was a very drunk and very screwed up looking France.
"Ahh~(Y/N)!" He said hugging you at the door. "I'm so glad you're here! Everyone else is being so mean to me!"
"GET YOUR BLOODY HANDS OFF MY NEICE YOU BLOODY FROG!" You heard England call from across the room. Soon you saw him charge his way over and begin to lecture France.
"hey uncle iggy," you said when he came over.
"Hello (Y/N) dear. Your father is looking for you over there," he said pointing to your father who was jumping around and waving at you.
"thank you," you said before running over and hugging america tightly around his waist. "HI DADDY!" you shouted over the christmas music that was blaring over the sound system of the house.
"HI (Y/N)!" he said ruffling your hair.
"H-HEY!" You said trying to fix it again. "THIS TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR TO DO!" He just laughed and apologized.
You started talking to America and soon lost track of time. About an hour later you felt a tap on your shoulder.
"Ne?" You turned around to look into crimson red eyes. "Oh, hey Gil," you smiled and hugged your prussian friend.
"Hello (Y/N)," he said returning the hug. Soon after that  you two were lost in conversation when Prussia noticed a slow song came on. "Vould jou like to dance?" He asked.
you blushed but nodded. "I would love to." After you said that he pulled you out to the dance floor. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his wrapping around your waist. You both were swaying to the music when someone started to whistle at you and Prussia.
"Oi! GILBERT!" You both heard France yell. "LOOK UP!" you both looked up and saw a little sprig of mistletoe hanging just above where you two were dancing. You both started to blush. "IF YOU WON'T KISS 'ER I WILL!" France yelled again.
"Like i vould let jou!" Prussia glared at him. France started laughing.
"ZEN KISS 'ER ALREADY!" France started laughing harder. You heard Prussia mutter "stupid dummkopf" and smiled.
"It is tradition to kiss under the mistletoe," you said looking at him. "I-I-I m-mean y-you don't have t-to, but it is tra-tradition..." you looked away, your face a shade of red that could even put Toni's tomatoes to shame. You started to stutter again when you felt Prussia gently press his lips against yours. The whole room started cheering.
"It's about time they got together~!" You heard spain say, "after all he has been writing thoes notes to her since she moved out of America's house."
You looked up at Prussia and laughed as you saw him blushing and glaring at his spanish friend. You made him look at you and smiled.
"So~ it was you who was writing those notes~," your big (E/C) eyes sparkling with happiness.
"J-jou knew?" He seemed surprised at that.
"No," you stated, "but i had a hunch."
"kesese I always knew jou vere a smart von!" He smiled down at you. Then his expression softened and he leaned down and whispered: "vell? Vould jou like to become mein aweshome leibie?"
Ok~! seventh chapter finally up~!
also the vote for whether there will be a lemon or not is still up. so far there has been one vote for a lemon...
so ya that's about it~! vote plz!
next: Coming soon!
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